Defense In Depth

A multi-layered and multi-faceted security approach is essential. If one layer of defense is compromised the deeper layers of security are there to maintain protection.Defense in Depth (DiD) is an approach to cybersecurity in which a series of defensive mechanisms are layered in order to protect valuable data and information. If one mechanism fails, another steps up immediately to thwart an attack. This multi-layered approach with intentional redundancies increases the security of a system as a whole and addresses many different attack vectors.Defense  in Depth is commonly referred to as the “castle approach” because it mirrors the layered defenses of a medieval castle.
Before you can penetrate a castle you are faced with the moat, ramparts, draw-bridge, towers, battlements and so on. The digital world has revolutionized how we live, work and play. However, it’s a digital world that is constantly open to attack, and because there are so many potential attackers, we need to ensure we have the right security in place to prevent systems and networks being compromised. Unfortunately, there is no single method that can successfully protect against every single type of attack. This is where a defense in depth architecture comes into play. It all starts with training users, then all the additional layers of physical security and sophisticated software and hardware security objects can be layered together. Got Your Six can build this complete defense system for you, or help you fine tune the layers you have in place